Take a proctored exam

If you are taking a class from a remote institution you may need to take a proctored exam. This library offers a proctoring service to the public.

Students that require a proctor for exams from a higher learning institution/organization are asked to observe the following rules approved by the Stubbs Memorial Library Board of Trustees:

  1. The student/instructor is required to make the arrangements for the exams to be taken. Please provide a valid email address you check regularly. Student may be asked for a photo I.D.
  2. Proctoring is conducted by the librarian available the exam is taken. Individual librarians are not assigned to proctor specific students or exams. The librarian will observe the student while completing other tasks and assisting patrons during the exam time. The library cannot provide constant observation.
  3. Exams must be taken during normal library operating hours. The student must finish the exam prior to library closing time.
  4. The student must schedule their exam time prior to arrival to ensure equipment is available and all information has been received from instructor.
  5. Please inform the library if special software must be downloaded (such as Lockdown Browser) and is required in order to take the exam.
  6. The library is not responsible for technical issues during an exam, lost exams (postal or electronic), nor will the library keep copies of completed exams.
  7. If your institution requires the return of the exam by postal mail the student will be asked to reimburse the library for materials used and postage. The student will be notified of this prior to the exam.
  8. The student as a user of the library is subject to the rules of the library’s patron conduct and internet use policies.

Adopted by Library Board of Trustees 1/28/2021